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Real Estate Transactions

Houston Real Estate Law Attorneys

When you are involved in any type of business transaction, you want to make sure you understand every last detail. Why should your real estate transactions be any different? At De Lange Hudspeth, we have been representing the best interests of businesses and individuals for over ninety years. Over that time, our lawyers have seen the real estate market evolve, and have made the necessary changes to grow with a changing economy. Because we have extensive experience in litigation real estate cases, we can often help clients avoid the courthouse by offering potential problems at the contract stage.

Transferring Real Estate

Real estate purchases can be complicated, especially if you are involved in a commercial real estate transaction. When our clients are involved in the purchase, sale, or lease of any type of real estate, we help make sure their expectations are met for all their transactional documents and land titles. By contacting an experienced real estate lawyer today, you can save yourself from costly real estate litigation in the future.

Commercial Real Estate

If you are involved in the purchasing, selling, or leasing of commercial property, we can help make sure your rights are protected. We also work with developers to draft and negotiate all the necessary documents to facilitate their project. By contacting an attorney to negotiate on your behalf, you can help protect yourself against possible future problems.

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If you are entering a real estate transaction of any kind, commercial or residential, an experienced attorney can protect your rights and help you avoid future litigation. At the Houston law offices of De Lange, Hudspeth, we will work to get you the best deal possible. Feel free to contact us for more information.