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Since 1916, De Lange Hudspeth attorneys have provided a creative approach to our clients’ legal and business issues.
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Since 1916

De Lange Hudspeth was founded in 1916, when Maco Stewart, who founded Stewart Title Company, hired Albert J. De Lange to practice law with him in Galveston. The firm moved its practice to Houston in 1920, and was known as Stewart and De Lange until Maco Stewart’s death in 1938, after which Mr. De Lange practiced as Albert J. De Lange and Associates. In 1946 C. M. Hudspeth joined the firm and it became De Lange and Hudspeth. From these roots, De Lange Hudspeth has become a full-service law firm representing clients across many industries. The firm has been home to many fine attorneys during its first 100 years. The firm’s current partners are Paul J. McConnell, III and Ben A. Baring. Paul had taken Mr. Hudspeth’s Business Law course while they were at Rice University, and he joined the firm in 1973. Ben A. Baring joined the firm in 1981 after a year as briefing attorney for the Fourteenth Court of Civil Appeals. Travis R. Piper, an associate in the firm, joined in 2010. Marc J. Magids became of counsel to the firm in 2023.

The names under which the firm has practiced since its inception include:

  • Stewart and De Lange (1916-1938)
  • Albert J. De Lange & Associates (1938-1946)
  • De Lange and Hudspeth (1946-1955) and (1996-1997)
  • De Lange, Hudspeth & Pitman (1955-1964) and (1989-1996)
  • De Lange, Hudspeth, Pitman & Katz (1964-1989)
  • De Lange, Hudspeth, McConnell & Tibbets (1998-2023), and
  • De Lange & Hudspeth, LLP (since 2023).